Business Intelligence

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RCI Détectives conducts all types of economic and business investigations, providing you with the intelligence needed to anticipate, prevent and repair prejudices.
Conducting a due diligence means collecting all information on a company or an individual with whom you plan on working. It is a preliminary analysis of their legal, economic, and financial situation and reputation that will allow you to make the best decisions. Our due diligences are complete investigation reports gathering the following data : Identity / Legal status Activity Financial information Shareholders Clients, suppliers, business partners, parent company, subsidiaries Reputation Criminal records and civil litigations

Is your former employee violating his non-compete agreement, working for a competitor or starting his own business with your trade secrets ?

Is a company manufacturing or selling counterfeit products affecting your business and reputation ?

Let the experienced French private investigators of RCI Détectives uncover evidence of any wrongdoings to help defend your rights.