Hidden Assets

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RCI Détectives investigates individuals and companies to assess their wealth and uncover hidden assets.
No matter the reason (divorce, court order, negotiations, business venture, etc) why you need to know if someone is concealing assets, we will scope out their complete financial situation.
Income sources, bank accounts, real estate, company shares : our investigators dig deep to help you get what you are legally entitled for.

Divorces can be ugly and messy. Spouses sometimes hide assets in order to appear less wealthy than they really are and pay less alimony and child support. They might pretend to be unemployed or fail to disclose certain income or bank accounts.

Hiding assets is the particularity of people who are indebted.  Whether they fail to report their new job, minimize their salary, or hide funds under someone else’s name, they are always very ingenious when it comes to hiding assets and not reimbursing their debts.