Recent cases

Here you can read about our latest cases and investigations in France. If you are unsure how/if we can help solve your problem, take a look at the stories below and you will see that we cover a very wide variety of subjects. Doing surveillance and tailing a spouse in France, finding a person in France, identifying real estate in France, searching for evidence on an employee, reconnecting with a long lost family member, securing assets…

We take all your requests very seriously and work all investigations in France and abroad with the same professionalism.

Biological father

A client contacted us from the USA looking for her biological father. Her mother had met her father about 40 years ago in France and they had a child together. The father was not really involved in raising the kid so the mother ended up moving back to the USA to be with her family.

Time passed and the client, who decided she was ready to reconnect with her father, asked us to locate him.

We carried out the investigation in France to find out her father had unfortunately passed away a few years ago.

Even if our client did not expect such an outcome, she was thankful we could bring some answers.

First love

While an exchange student in France in the late 70s, our client dated a French girl until he had to return home in the UK. 40+ years later, this client, who had never forgotten his first love, asked us to help him find her. He had already gone through the internet looking for her but was unsuccessful.

The only information he had were her first and last name and the town where she used to live.

After a few weeks of investigation, we were able to locate her. She had changed name but she still lived in the same area. Although she was now happily married with children and grandchildren, she was happy to hear from our client again.

Working wife

Our client was going through a divorce. He lived in the UK while his wife lived in the south of France with their 2 children. For child support and alimony purposes, he needed to prove that his wife was working and earning a income, which she claimed she was not.

We carried out a surveillance of the wife and found out the first day that she was indeed working. Because the client needed hard evidence for his next court hearing, we tailed his wife a few more days in order to prove she was going to the office on a regular basis so she could not challenge our results.

We caught her going to work every day, snapped multiple photos and videos and provided our client with a detailed report which helped him win his case.

Missing uncle

Our client had been trying for 30 years to locate her uncle who immigrated to France in the early 90s. After fleeling from his country, none of his family members, who were scattered around the world, ever heard from him again. The client contacted us on behalf of her mother who had lost hope of ever being reunited with her beloved brother again.

With the information provided by the client, we managed to find the missing uncle in less than a week. The client and her mother were more than happy to know he was still alive and well. They were able to speak with him on the phone and are now planning on traveling to France to see him.

Family cemetery

An American lady was looking for the cemetery where part of her family was buried. Her grandparents of French origin had passed away in the USA but she wanted to have them buried newt to their family in France. She had searched for a long time but could only remember the general area her grandparents were from (her French family was reluctant to give her any information).

Thankfully, she called RCI Détectives and withing 10 days, our investigation had taken us to a little village near Bordeaux where we located the family cemetery and graves. The client was really happy and was able to secure a plot for her grandparents in the cemetery.